Bandwidth is the message. Taxing ISPs in the era of music as data flow

A few thoughts on copyright law in the digital world. Skip to part C if you’re hungry. Background info here Music is consumed as an immaterial service rather than single object-unit. Accordingly, when we ask ourselves how to make money from music in the 21st century, we should be looking at both massive downloads and individual… Continue reading Bandwidth is the message. Taxing ISPs in the era of music as data flow

Music and monay

I love my 'Dilla changed my life' t-shirt. It speaks to the unparalleled potential of music–in this case that of a prolific beat maker who died in his prime–to inspire me, take me new places and meet like-minded people. But if the music ecosystem were to wear a t-shirt, it would probably say something like… Continue reading Music and monay

Poirier, féroce compétiteur du ab-roller

Le Nautilus a dû perdre pas mal de clients depuis que Poirier produit et collectionne les rythmes dansants d’ici et d’ailleurs. Bien ancré à Montréal mais présent un peu partout sur la planète, ce producteur/Dj propose un son hybride, exotique et familier en même temps. À l’image de sa ville natale. Côté production, il dit… Continue reading Poirier, féroce compétiteur du ab-roller

Boogat : la chance de s’amuser

Boogat était à Barcelone avec Poirier où il a performé plusieurs chansons de son dernier mixtape Esperanto Sound System au festival Sónar. De ses débuts hip hop aux albums plus lyriques de 2003-2004, il a toujours fait références à ses racines latines. Mais depuis quelques temps Boogat s’exprime en espagnol et donne l’impression d’avoir vraiment… Continue reading Boogat : la chance de s’amuser

Little dragon, not so little.

Somewhere along the frustration that comes with the tribulations of jamming and rehearsing, fellow band members nicknamed her Little Dragon. The band eventually adopted the name for its first single. With a third album coming out this summer, Little Dragon has been steadily growing and might have to change its name to Not So Little… Continue reading Little dragon, not so little.

The revolution will be televised

Maroussia :Your website is called the dusty foot philosopher. Why is your foot dusty ? K’naan :Because that’s what I am called. It represents children out of Africa that I was hanging with when I was younger. Coming up, we didn’t have much, we were poor. But we were always articulate kids. We’d talk about things and imagine… Continue reading The revolution will be televised