Little dragon, not so little.

Somewhere along the frustration that comes with the tribulations of jamming and rehearsing, fellow band members nicknamed her Little Dragon. The band eventually adopted the name for its first single. With a third album coming out this summer, Little Dragon has been steadily growing and might have to change its name to Not So Little… Continue reading Little dragon, not so little.

Barcelone, Turin et Montréal: festivals et villes créatives

La seconde édition barcelonaise du festival MUTEK propose un panel sur les festivals comme destinations touristiques et catalyseurs créatifs. Les villes se targuant d’être des pôles créatifs sont-elles vraiment prêtes à appuyer les arts émergeants? Retour sur un panel avec trois organisateurs de festival de musique électronique : Alain Mongeau de MUTEK (Montréal), Sergio Ricciardone… Continue reading Barcelone, Turin et Montréal: festivals et villes créatives

The revolution will be televised

Maroussia :Your website is called the dusty foot philosopher. Why is your foot dusty ? K’naan :Because that’s what I am called. It represents children out of Africa that I was hanging with when I was younger. Coming up, we didn’t have much, we were poor. But we were always articulate kids. We’d talk about things and imagine… Continue reading The revolution will be televised

what’s next

After four years of filmmaking in over 10 cities around the world, Pablo Aravena premiered Next : a primer on Urban painting. This full-length documentary sketches the current situation of graffiti-related art both in established scenes in North America and Europe, and emerging areas such as Asia and Latin America. Following a projection in front of a… Continue reading what’s next