Whispering data

Data-driven prison sentences promise fairer, more accurate decisions. But as Wisconsin v. Loomis demonstrates, proprietary third party software could unfairly keep vulnerable defendants behind bars.


Body cams + facial recognition = ?

It's only a matter of time before police-worn cameras and facial recognition converge into one powerful, invasive, and legally challenging technology. In the video below, TASER's /Axon CEO gives us a glimpse into his business model: leverage facial recognition technology and data analytics to provide real-time threat scores for citizens crossing officers' path. https://www.nytimes.com/video/us/100000004859799/the-rise-of-body-cameras.html Similar… Continue reading Body cams + facial recognition = ?

ReFrag: anecdotic approaches to a neo-medieval era

I hope to articulate an inchoate intuition in this post: we are experiencing a return to medieval times – if we ever left them at all. Fear over facts hu·man·ismˈ[(h)yo͞oməˌnizəm/]: Philosophical and ethical stance that emphasizes the value and agency of human beings, individually and collectively, and affirms their ability to improve their lives through… Continue reading ReFrag: anecdotic approaches to a neo-medieval era

Simulation: a reality check

Two unnamed billionaires are funding scientists to break us out of the Matrix. What’s that about? Word on the street, or in the Valley rather, is that we are probably living in a technology-powered virtual reality. Our lives a computer simulation. The rapidly expanding power of technology to mimic our environment makes this hypothesis highly… Continue reading Simulation: a reality check

Canada, what have you done for me lately?

Independence doesn't have to be a bunch of pure laine caribous hanging on to crucifixes. Notre culture est distincte par sa langue, mais aussi par ses valeurs et son orientation politique. The Quebec orange wave at the last federal election speaks volumes to that effect. Le résultat des élections fédérales a démontré que la voix du Québec… Continue reading Canada, what have you done for me lately?

Bandwidth is the message. Taxing ISPs in the era of music as data flow

A few thoughts on copyright law in the digital world. Skip to part C if you’re hungry. Background info here Music is consumed as an immaterial service rather than single object-unit. Accordingly, when we ask ourselves how to make money from music in the 21st century, we should be looking at both massive downloads and individual… Continue reading Bandwidth is the message. Taxing ISPs in the era of music as data flow

Le Grand Prix, mais à quel prix?

La F1 a beau rapporter beaucoup à l'industrie du tourisme et de la restauration Montréalaise, elle a aussi son prix: l'image de Montréal. En effet, notre se ville excelle dans l'exploration artistique et rassemble de nombreux créateurs prolifiques du théâtre à la danse contemporaine en passant par les nouveaux médias. La ville de Montréal investit… Continue reading Le Grand Prix, mais à quel prix?

Banning ostentatious religious symbols : veiling substantive integration

Regulating the veil worn by Muslim women is a misguided effort to achieve integration and to maintain social peace. Indeed, limiting the ability to perform and obtain government services in face-covering veils only exacerbates the risk of isolation. Québec is considering such a questionable approach to accommodating religious ostentatious symbols with Bill 94[1], effectively relegating… Continue reading Banning ostentatious religious symbols : veiling substantive integration

Alaclair (e fontaine_)

Il y a quelques semaines, j’ai passé une demi-heure surréaliste avec Ogden du groupe Alaclair. On a fait une entrevue en or, mais vous ne la verrez jamais. Ça m’apprendra à utiliser une version d’essai du logiciel pour immortaliser ce moment Skype. Un total de 30 secondes de ce moment magique subsiste, mais je le… Continue reading Alaclair (e fontaine_)